The Lace-up Fetish

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Azi am primit aceste minunate cizme pana la genunchi, pe care abia astept sa le port. Ca orice blogger, nu m-am putut abtine sa nu va scriu cateva randuri (putine ce-i drept, mai ales pentru mine) despre noua pereche Carine Statament. Au ajuns la mine undeva in jurul orei 10:30.

Nu imi bausem inca la acea vreme, cafeaua (a se citi [:cafiaua]), dar nu am avut nevoie de ea. Pe bune. Sunt inca treaza, zambitoare, plina de viata, mi-am prins paru-n coada si fac un tort de ciocolata cu capsuni (see on Instagram, later). Azi e aniversarea noastra. Oarecum. Un an de la prima data cand s-a gandit sa ma intrebe daca vreau ori nu vreau sa-i fiu sotie.

Daca acum fac tortul, stiti care a fost raspunsul. Si prima data, atunci, si a II-a, aici. – Mare atentie ca si al II-lea paragraf spune din nou, ceva de cafea…

Va pup cu drag, din BUCATARIE!


Today I just got the most amazing boots today and I can’t wait to wear them. As any sane blogger, I could not wait to tell you about them, to write here some of my thoughts in a few words (kinda few for how much I usually write, I have to agree on that). Anyway, so these are the new Carine Statement Lace-up Boots. They arrived at 10:30 a.m.

I didn’t have my coffee by then, but I didn’t need it anymore. I mean it. I’m still awake, smiling, I just had my hair pulled up into a pony tail and I’m baking a chocolate cake with strawberry on top (see on Instagram later). Today it’s our 1 year anniversary. Somehow. I mean it’s been an year since Raul asked me if I want to be his wife. Like for life.

If right now I’m baking the cake, you know my answer was yes, indeed, darling! I said yes the 1st time, then, and the second time here in Venice (it’s not translated in english, but the pictures tell the story, trust me).

Kisses, with love, from the KITCHEN!

BTW, we’re in GQ!


yes, you can find the boots here.

Fabulous Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Capsule Collection. 

Find here Ana’s post about her beautiful shoe capsule collection.

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