XMAS: Win a city break for 2 in Venice

RO: In primul rand vreau sa va urez sarbatori fericite alaturi de cei dragi, dupa care va spun ca azi incepem un nou concurs pe blog – vine Mosu’ cum s-ar zice. Dupa cum v-am obisnuit, daca vreti sa va inscrieti in concurs, ceea ce trebuie sa faceti este sa #JoinTheConversation, asa ca hai sa vedem despre ce e vorba de aceasta data. Dam un city break la Venetia pentru doua persoane, asa ca daca vrei sa ii faci un cadou iubitului sau celei mai bune prietene, acum e momentul. Pentru a te inscrie in concurs trebuie sa dai like paginii de facebook Arcadia Travel si sa ne spui o poveste. Care este cel mai frumos si in acelasi timp cel mai amuzant moment pe care l-ai trait de sarbatori de-a lungul timpului. Musai sa aiba si un titlu. Sa incep eu? Hai ca incep eu…

EN: First of all I want to wish you happy holidays and a happy new year and I want to let you know that today we are launching a new contest for your guys. We are giving away a city break for 2 to Venice, one of my favorite european destinations. I want you to #JoinTheConversation and share a funny #holiday moment with us. Tell us which is the most hilarious moment you had in your holiday season (no matter the age) for a chance to win. Like Arcadia Travel ‘s facebook page and start writing! Should I start? I will.


Santa’s Wardrobe Malfuncion

Am trait cele mai frumoase momente ale copilariei la cabana la Salard, avem poze pe film cu vacante in fiecare anotimp. Nimic nu se compara cu micul dejun de la cabana pregatit de un squad de mame ultra-skilled in ale bucatariei si zic asta penteu miroasea in acelasi timp a ceai de menta, omleta, paine, cas afumat, pate, vinete, lagume fresh si a cam tot ceea ce reprezenta un mic dejun copios, la munte. Acoperita cu fete de masa de sarbatoare si impanata cu bunatati si cani aburinde, masa de la cabana era intotdeaua un prilej de bucurie, de intalnire, de poveste. Tin minte cum coboram in graba scarile de la etaj, in pijamale, in mare zarva. Primeam de indata veste de lana si eram mustrati de’ nu aveam papuci de casa in picioare. De multe ori stateam cu picioarele pe caramida calda a sobei, uitandu-ne la diapozitive proiectate pe peretele de sub scara. Parca proiectasem odata si pe usa de la camara. Un taram de vis.

Era luna decembrie si ne aflam la cabana lu’ unchiu Pompei. Ca de obicei ne aflam acolo alaturi de matusa mea Maria si verisorii mei pe atunci mici, Georgiana & Mircea24 decembrie. Urma sa vina Mosu’. Sidica matusa mea care locuieste in Suedia era pe atunci in tara, venise cu noi la cabana si se imbracase in Mos Craciun, sa ne pacaleasca si sa ne in intretina pe noi copiii, in ajun. Eu ma aflam pe lada de lemne de sub scari cand cineva a strigat: “Vine Mosu”. In acel moment am luat-o la fuga spre geam sa-l vad pe Mos Craciun si in toata graba si emotia mea, m-am impiedicat, mi-au luat-o picioarele pe dinaite si am cazut pe burta in mijlocul camerei. Dupa care m-am ridicat ca si cand nu s-ar fi intamplat nimic si am fugit spre geam. Fireste, aceasta poveste vine din perspectiva mamei mele, care mi-a povestit-o de nenumarate ori.

…Si apoi l-am vazut din geam: era el – Mosu’ venind prin zapada inalta de un metru, urcand incet pe cararea serpuitoare pe care o facusera tata si unchiu mai devreme. E chiar Mos Craciun. Bate la usa, emotie, se intreaba cine e? Copii – cum adica CINE E? Lasati-l in cabana, e Mosu. De dincolo se aude: Ho, ho, ho, Mos Craciun! 

Mai departe cred ca stiti povestea. Spunem poezia pe rand, primim cadourile, tragem pe Mosu’ de barba sa vedem ¿Qué pasa?… Mosul sta cu noi la povesti, dupa care se ridica si pleaca, cu scuza ca “…are multi copii la care trebuie sa ajunga”. Noi ramaneam cascati la minunea ca Mosu’ ajuns pe la noi, tocmai la cabana. Ei bine toate ca toate, insa ceva nu era in regula. Matusa mea tocmai plecase acum ceva timp pana afara, cu treaba. Lipsea. Nu asta era problema mea la acel moment insa ci ceva legat de tinuta lui Mos Craciun… cum adica el poarta ghetele din velur rosii ale lu’ Sidica? Pleaca Mos Craciun cu treaba, sa ajunga la toti copii, iar eu am intrebat-o pe mama: Dar de ce poarta mosul ghetele lui Sidica? #JustSayin’ #SantasWardrobeMalfunction

EN: The cottage from Salard holds most of my precious childhood moments and we have old photos from the vacations we were spending there every season. Nothing compares with a breakfast prepared there by a squad of skilled moms. Just to help you paint a picture, imagine smelling mint, scrambled eggs, bread, smoked cheese, pasty, eggplants, fresh vegetables and pretty much everything someone could eat for breakfast. Covered with festive tablecloths and stuffed with goodies and steaming cups, the table at the cottage was always an occasion for joyful meetings and wonderful stories. I remember how I used to come down the stairs in pajamas right in the middle of the action. We used to wear wool slippers, they were mandatory and always kept our feet warm. Often, we would enjoy hanging our feet across the warm brick of the stove while watching film slides projected on the wall behind the stairs. I think we also used the pantry door once. It was a dream land.

So it was December and we were at my uncle’s village with my auntie Maria and my cousins Georgiana & Mircea. It was the 24th and Santa was about to come. Sidica, my aunt who lives in Sweden, was then in the country and had come with us to the cottage and because she wanted to entertain us, she dressed as Santa Claus. I was sitting on the wooden box under the stairs when someone shouted: “Santa is coming”. I don’t know exactly what crossed my mind at that time, but I took a run to the window to see Santa and in all that rush and excitement I tripped, my feet went first and somehow I managed to fall on my belly right in the middle of the room. Then I got up as if nothing would have happened and ran to the window. Naturally, this story comes from my mother’s perspective, which told it to me on a countless number of occasions.
…and then there he was – Santa Claus slowly coming our way on the serpentine path that my father and my uncle had just finished preparing earlier. It’s Santa! He knocks on the door and you could actually feel our hearts beating way more louder as we were asking ourselves who could be that person knocking on the door. Luckily for us, adults were also there and they reminded us that Santa was at the door and we should let him in. In the meantime, on the other side of the door you could hear: Ho, ho, ho, Santa Claus (as an answer to our innocent “Who is it?” questions).
I think you can guess how the story goes down from this point: say the poem, receive the gifts, maybe pull Santa’s long beard to see ¿Qué pasa?… Santa used to sit down with us and share some stories and then find the old convenient excuse about “all the kids that need to receive their presents.” Nevertheless, you can imagine our excitement, we were visited by Santa after all! Even in this situation, something weird was happening at the same time. My aunt was missing for a while now, leaving the cottage just before Santa’s arrival motivating some things that she had to do outside. This was not necessarily my problem back then, I actually had a big problem with Santa’s outfit – and why exactly was he wearing my aunt Sidica’s red velvet boots? So there goes Santa Claus with a clear task of making each and every child happy in one night and I ask my mother: Why was Santa wearing Sidica’s boots?
#JustSayin’ #SantasWardrobeMalfunction